Rangatira E Closing Hunt

HHH_142To view these – go to Hunts 2016.

Despite the threatening weather forecast, it was great hunting conditions for the big field riding at the last hunt of the season .

Unfortunately I was only able to get to three Taupo hunts, plus  the Waikato Hunt Week  this season  . Alison  covered  the Hunter Trials and Hunt Week and her great shots can be seen on her own website – http://www.spotonphoto.co.nz.

To those who tell me that they still want to order photos from previous hunts (and years)! – please do so asap -as unless you have the jpg number of the images, it is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack – especially when I get the description “I’m riding a bay horse and wearing a black jacket!).  Thank you..

Enjoy the  Spring and Summer months and I look forward to seeing you all next year.



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Deadman Hunt 1.06.2016


To view these images, go to HUNTS 2016 and scroll down to the two named folders, which will be at the bottom of the list. If you have problems finding your way round the site – please read “Using this Site” or contact me.

We are off overseas on June 15th, home 22nd  July so the office will be closed for that period.

Orders received (and paid for!) prior to Sat. 11th July will be processed , but please place any order you wish to make,  as soon as possible.

Unfortunately I will be away for Hunt Week and the Hunter Trials, But Alison Price  will be there and her photos can be seen on  http://www.spotonphoto.co.nz. Her photos are excellent.

Have a great hunting season and I hope to see you all again at the last few hunts.





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Taupo 3DE 2016

HET_011 HEX_152 HEX_351 HEZ_178Wonderful weather for Cross-country day so we photographers were able to get some wonderful shots. Sadly the heavens opened for the presentation of the Equissage Young Event Horse class and those who rode dressage at that time. Apart from that, nobody could complain about our Taupo weather!

To view our images, to to Events 2016,, and scroll down and across to the class you want to view.  When you find on image that you want to order, return to the GRID and hover your mouse over the image and the jpg number will pop up.(ANC_123). This is the number you need.  Refer to  ‘Using this site’ for further info.

Please  place your order as soon as possible. We will be overseas  for 5 weeks leaving 14th June, returning late July.  The office will be closed for that period.

Enjoy your winter break and I look forward to seeing you all again in the Spring.


PLEASE NOTE! Some of the 1* Open and 105 Championship classes were in the wrong folders.  Now corrected  (I hope!)




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Waikato Jubilee Hunt photos now online


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Waikato Hunt Jubilee 2016

HEG._031 HEC_100 HEG._004 HEC_272Parrotts Hunt.  Wharepuhunga. Monday 25th April – Anzac Day.

The Waikato Hunt Jubilee committee  has to be congratulated on putting on such a great week. I was lucky enough to be at the three hunts and also the Te Kuiti 40th anniversary Hunt.  All over amazing country which was so well prepared to handle the large fields of up to 400 .

Meantime, I suggest you take a last look at the 2015 Taupo Hunts which will be taken offline before the end on May!

Go to HUNTS 2016 and scroll down to the folder you want to view.  When you find a photo you want to order, hover your mouse over the image in the grid – NOT the carousel – and the jpg number will pop up. It will help to read “Using this site”   (Please place your orders asap  as I will be away for a month from Mid-June.)   Thank you.

You can also order by email if you prefer!!

Many thanks. It was great to meet so many old friends – just wish I was back on a horse again!


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Samsung NZ Young Rider & Pony Champs 2016

HCW_119 HCW_146 HCY_390HEA_001 HEA_010 HEA_018Congratulations to all the competitors for their polished turnouts and performances. The sport of Dressage looks to have a healthy future.

Due to the late afternoon presentations,  with harsh sunlight and long shadows I am unable to offer you the best of presentation shots  -but everyone is in a hurry to get on the road so I did the best I could!

All my images are now online. Go to Events 2016 and scroll down to the event and across to the classes you want to see. To order, stay in the grid to find the jpg number of the photo you want – hover your mouse over it and the number will pop up eg   abc_123.  But read “Using this site”. Do contact me if you have any queries.

It would be most helpful to me if you would place your orders asap as I will be away early in June and my office will be closed until mid July  Thank you.

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Samsung /GTL NZ Pony & Young Rider Champs 2016

Photos taken by Barbara Thomson & Alison Price will be online after next Tuesday.


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R.& S. Hart – Palmer Mill Rd 13.4.16

HCT_013This was my first hunt of the season and I found it really refreshing to be out and about on the hills in a non-competitive environment and to meet up with old friends again

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Timberlands Teams Event 2016

HCK_211 HCK_482 HCL_062 HCO_147 HCP_025It was great to have this iconic event up and running again -thanks to the Taupo Pony Club team setting to and getting it  back on track No doubt it will be back  at  home in Tokoroa in the near future.

I would like to thank the hard working mounted clerks for bringing the teams to me after their dressage tests. Thanks also to the Team Managers for presenting their team to me to have their  photographs taken, and thanks also to the  parents and supporters for not pushing in with their own cameras honing in on my poses. This holds me up – I only have eight minutes to do each team – while  they have two whole days!


Go to Events 2016 and Timberlands will be there in the drop down list. It helps to read ‘Using this site!).      To order you will need  the jpg number which you find when you hover your mouse over the photo you want in the grid – NOT the carousel.  You may not get it if using your phone or some ipads.    If you prefer to order by email – that if fine with me.

If you wish to order this Timberlands Titled  Special, please use the box at the bottom of the  Online order form- giving the jpg number of  the photo you want, and details for Line 1 and Line 2.

SPECIAL OFFER for this event.

Orders per family  over $65.00 are entitled to a 10% discount. This offer expires  30th April.


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Taupo Dressage Ribbon Day27.3.16

HCH_016 HCH_396

I left a very sunny Taupo at 8.30 am – and- once again, the NEC was shrouded in fog, which finally lifted later in the morning.  it was good to see so many enthusiastic competitors being judged under relaxed conditions.

Please go to ‘Events 2016’ and you will find the folder in the drop-down list.

Any queries – contact me.


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