Taupo Spring Trial 2016

hhr_039 hhr_297Bitterly cold winds on Saturday and a drizzle  on and off on Sunday. Typical Spring weather.

Thanks to Holly Morrell and her team for  keeping this event on track.

However, I felt sorry for all the 95cm CC fence judges and volunteers at the end of the day having to wait in the rain for so long for riders to appear at the start in order for the class to keep rolling along. The poor announcer repeatedly kept asking for riders to show up at the start box – and even when  some finally appeared from the warm-up arena, they wandered across  slowly,  keeping the starter (who had been out there since 8 am,) waiting.                  Little wonder it’s hard to get volunteers to offer their services. Without them there would be no event.

Please note: Since this message, I have received a message from one of the riders who let me know that  their class received notification that,  due to lack of fence judges, there was a delay in the start – so maybe a lack of communication.

Overall, I was impressed with the standard of riding, especially pleasing in the 80 cm classes.

To view photos, go to SPRING EVENTS 2016 and follow the drop down to this event.

Congratulations to those who won my prize vouchers.

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